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Starting this weekend, I shall be commencing my own journey into a new world of opportunity within the football planet.  In close consultation with Lukman of the Sports Parliament famethe weekly live sports programme on Africa’s largest Television network – NTA, (Thursday nights from 10:30pm) who continues to dazzle me with the depth of his knowledge of the European leagues, teams, players and coaches, I am venturing into the world of match predictions for the benefit of teeming followers of the game of football.  There is a whole army of followers of the various European leagues, tens of millions of them, patronizing the over 5 million viewing centres all over Nigeria (and still expanding) who can exploit the opportunity of this platform to gain some kind of foothold within the industry, and possibly earn a living.  A few would definitely be lucky and make a fortune.

It is not my business to moralise over the merits or demerits of the betting business because it exits, fuels and feeds a whole population of people.  My responsibility is to provide any assistance in terms of informed analysis and predictions to make it easier and better for them to win.  That’s what I shall be doing weekly here on this page.

So, join me every Friday with my forecasts, fueled by Lukman’s knowledge and experience of European football.   Also, you can sign up for ‘my weekly posts‘ and it will land in your email box early Saturday mornings with two or three latest posts from my website.

Welcome to that world.