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My Dream Nigeria.


My Political Diary – Day 50

The honorarium we paid them, 500 Naira to each of the 5000 agents, a last-minute unexpected manna from heaven courtesy of a former senator, a retired general and a close friend, became an insult to their psyche.  On the night...


My Political Diary – Day 49

A certain gloom was lifted off my mind this past weekend. Week by week throughout the 8 months of my adventure in Ogun State politics, Tunde Kelani, TK, my friend of almost 50 years, had been amused, entertained and horrified...

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My Political Diary – Day 48

I have missed my political diary. Coming straight out of the ‘trauma’ of the elections, I could not find the zeal or impetus to write anything. Not with the several bad news that came to my attention in quick succession....