The ‘killing’ of Liberty Stadium, once one of the best stadia in the world!

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The ‘killing’ of Liberty Stadium, once one of the best stadia in the world!

I anchor a new sports programme on Africa’s largest television network, the NTA, with a conservative domestic viewership of some 60 million Nigerians in all corners of the country. The live programme, The Sports Parliament, has been running for 10 weeks. This past week the topic of conversation and examination for the seven parliamentarians in session on the show was of sports facilities and infrastructure in Nigeria with particular focus on the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, a sprawling sports complex, and once a monument for an authentic sports development and sports engagement programme in Nigeria that has now gone bad. Today the stadium is wasting in dereliction, lying idle and decaying in a sea of humongous opportunities and possibilities. During the programme the conversation on the National Stadium in Lagos kept reminding me of another even bigger sports infrastructural disaster, one that must also be brought to public attention so that history will document the facts of the incalculable damage done to a national heritage, a collection of sports edifices destroyed through the deliberate acts of incompetency and misdeed by a few greedy sports administrators in power at the time, and well known to Nigerians. They have retired now from the service, ...

Welcome to Mathematical 7

Segun Odegbami

I am Segun. Friends and family call me Big Seg, Seg being the short form for Segun. The 'big' comes from Allan Hawks, my former British football coach in Shooting Stars Football Club of Ibadan, who used it to differentiate between two other Seguns and I in the team at that time. My 6ft 1 inch frame qualified me as the biggest of the lot. So, Big Seg it has being since then.

I am also very well known as 'Mr. Mathematical'. Many years ago, a radio commentator, Earnest Okonkwo, in is commentaries, gave me that sobriquet. Whether he was referring to the precision of my movement and passing or to my background as a Mechanical Engineer I never found out before he died many years ago. But that nickname also stuck and all those familiar with African football in the 1970s and 1980s are most likely to recall Mr. Mathematical and my famous number 7 shirt! All that, I believe, tells you a little about me.

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